Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A tilly | maison update!

Good evening, friends. I write this to you, lounging here just two days after THE most perfect wedding ever. I may be biased, but seriously, nothing went wrong. When does that happen? I'll be sure to post some photos here when I get them back from the photographer and have finished drooling.

In the meantime, I have an update for you. As you may have noticed, the tilly | maison shop has been closed for the past few months (!!) over the summer. And here's why: I got burnt out. The good news is that with the craze of the wedding behind me and nothing but blue skies and a little trip in front of me, I've decided to reopen, with a caveat.

Instead of being open 24/7, the shop will now operate in a pop-up fashion. Meaning, every other month or so, I'll open up shop for about a week. There will be new and old trays, and other items as I see fit. You'll be able to get your shopping on, and I'll be able to use that downtime for more creating. Because that's what all this Etsy stuff is all about, right?

I hope you'll stop by while the shop is open, from tomorrow through next Thursday.


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  1. I second that. It was amazing. Cheers to you, Carolyn!!! Can't wait to see what new trays you dream up :)