Monday, February 4, 2013

whitest whites.

You know those dreamy zenned out all white bedrooms that crop up on Pinterest and Tumblr once in a while? I always end up swooning hard for them. There is something so appealing and calm, yet highly unrealistic, right? Who really lives in these spaces?

Well, I do, as it turns out. When we moved into the new place, our master bedroom floors were bright bright turquoise. We had them painted white, and now that furniture is getting situated and the chaos is getting organized, I'm realizing that I've inadvertently created just such a room. Here are a few corners...

See what I mean? Part of me loves the crisp zen vibe. The other part of me just added this duvet cover to our wedding registry for a little color:

What do you think? Too white? Or are you into the serene approach? 

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