Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, let's do this.

I'm not quite sure what day it is (that's what a week and a half of travel and "vacation" does to you), but I am pretty sure that it's a new year and time to think about all the exciting implications of a fresh start. 

Our 2013 is starting out extra fresh, as we've finally arrived to our new (120-year-old) home in D.C. We're far from moved in--I'm drinking coffee from a wine glass and we've spent the past three nights on an air mattress, but dammit, we're here! 

Hello, new friend.

I'm excited to explore our new city, geek out on lots of history, meet new people and find new inspiration. These kinds of changes can be insanely stressful and a little bit scary, but maybe all that nervous energy can be used for good? Here's hoping. I'll be using the rest of this week to tackle the year's goals and start the long process of settling into a new place. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you guys, and especially to see what unfolds this year for MATINE, tilly | maison and with any other tricks I have up my sleeve.

So I say 2013, let's do this! Wishing you all a happy, happy new year—and thanks again for all your support in 2012. I know some of you are probably wondering, so I'm expecting the shops to reopen at the end of this month, after we've gotten settled and through some mid-month travel. Stay tuned for less vague updates :)



  1. Great perspective my dear! Great things to come! Can't wait to see how DC influences you and how you influence DC!

  2. Happy 2013! Sounds like a great time for a fresh, new start! D.C. is a wonderful city, I'm sure you'll become fond of it quickly. I recently moved to Minneapolis from Pittsburgh, which was one heck of a transition, but it's also a good stage for personal growth.