Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wedding wednesday: stamps (yes, stamps)

I haven't done a Wedding Wednesday in, well, a while... So today I'm here with a tiny story about my inner crazy.

Now, I wasn't the girl who was involved with our proposal. I like to think I was never a wedding-crazed girl pre-engagement (or post). I didn't help pick out the ring, I didn't have the whole wedding planned in my head, I didn't book the venue in secret before M popped the question and really I had just about given up expecting the proposal entirely around the time it actually happened. No, no, but where my crazy did show up was in postage stamps.

As a girl who goes to the post office on an almost daily basis, I have a higher than average exposure to stamp design. I know when new stamps are released. I know when old stamps go away. So one day when I spotted (in my mind) the perfect wedding invitation stamp, I panicked. Why? Because I wasn't engaged yet. What if they went away before my wedding?

I watched and watched for weeks as the stamp sat in the display and I sat unengaged. They were Forever stamps, I reasoned, so maybe it wouldn't hurt if I just picked up a few...

Advice from a friend (now bridesmaid) pushed me over the edge: "Yeah, just buy them."

Then I started hoarding. Keeping stamps stashed in my desk at the office, picking up a sheet every week or two. My secret shame.

Well, not too long after this absurdity, M did propose. And I could come clean... And realize that when you invite 200 people, you don't actually send 200 invites, or need 200 stamps.  Oops.

That's it! Now I can rest easy knowing that I have my perfect wedding stamps—lots of them. (And they ARE out of stock in my local post offices now. Victory!)

Here it is, by the way. It's an image of a floral-y oil painting by William H. Johnson (my inner art history nerd is delighted). Not too girly, not too lovey, but happy and colorful enough to match any palette we can possibly imagine.

So, do tell. If you're married, engaged (or are getting engaged soon), where did stamps fall on your list of priorities? Did you end up with Statues of Liberty and American flags? What was the crazy bride thing you did before you actually got engaged? I'd love to hear.



  1. Doh! Well now I want and need these lol. I didn't even THINK of stamps! I had the photographer picked out before I even met my now fiance lol. That was my guilty secret.

  2. I've never seen these stamps! Love them! I almost did the same thing when they had the collection of modern art stamps about two years ago, but didn't....and good thing, because I ended up eloping. :)

  3. I rushed to mail my invitations before the postage went up so I could mail the king and queen of hearts stamps without adding the dreaded 1 cent stamp with it. They ended up going out about 3.5 months before my wedding.