Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can you keep a secret?

How's your Wednesday going? Mine could use a jolt, so here we are.

I have a secret share. It's actually more of a weird fact that I doubt anyone is very interested in, BUT, let's just go ahead and lay it all out there. I entered the workforce after graduating from undergrad in 2007. That's a little over 5 years of professional employment in professional office spaces. Never in these years have I ever... worn high heels to work.

What? Yes, fact. Twice a year when I wear heels to weddings or wherever, I feel a bit like a kid playing dress-up. It's hard to walk (I'm a fast walker), I get to be a little too tall and feel a little over dressed. But today I said to hell with it, and for Halloween dressed up as Carolyn Who Wears Heels to Work

in these J. Crew jazzy purple wedges (on sale right here). Getting past the tragic name (they are actually labeled jazzy purple), I'm digging these gals. Long, rambly story short, I highly recommend them. Get your dose of color for the day and rock some cute ankle pants while you're at it.

That's it. Cheers to the rest of your Wednesday! Adios!

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